Oxy Acetylene brazing Torch

bernzomatic in action

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HENMI – Butane gas burner blowtorch for Brenne Kitchen Home Black Kitchen for DIY, Catalan cream, desserts, desserts, hartlöten, welding, Camping (Butane Included No)

※ Safe and durable Bunsen: the design of the base – flambler for, an involuntary figs. prevents the Width prevents the overturn of the butane Bunsen butane for the kitchen, it has been manufactured with a chassis made of an aluminum alloy for a long service life

※ spare part arer and mark brenne kitchen: with the flame regulator up to 1300 ° C / 2500 ° F you can choose the intensity of the flame according to your needs.

※ extended lighter: Butane gas prefect for caramelization of food, DIY löschend jewelry, barbecues, camping or as überlebenswerkzeug etc. You can also butane torch the flashlight lighters as comfortable and safe
※ easily to küchenbrenner,: fill the culinary lantern with butane, simply slide open the security lock, then press the key and the flame is burning. Easy and precise handling.

‘※ long-lasting lötbrenner: Butane gas is not included in the shipment. Quantity – 8 – 10 g butane gas. Made of an aluminum alloy. Note: Please turn the ignition on “close, if you do not use the Bunsen burner.