The Best Brazing Torch Kits

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Brazing torches, cutting torches, brazing torches…they all generally refer to the same thing. They help join together metal.

The welding process melts similar metals together into a pool so that they can be joined together where as a two dissimilar metals can be glued together via the brazing process that used a controlled flame to tightly bond the metals together.

Brazing torches are used by everyone from mechanics and plumbers to contractors and even artists.

They have a fairly straightforward design comprised of an angled metal stem the welder can use to direct the flame. There’s a check valve, regulator and

This flame is obviously extremely hot as it must molt the metal (be it aluminum, copper or steel such that a strong bond can be established within seconds. Note that a brazing torch can join together two different types of metals.

Typically these portable welding kits are comprised of a regulator, I guess who’s, a non-return valve, check valve, a cutting torch which can be of the rose, injector or welding variety. 

Oxy-Acetylene Brazing Torches

A good oxygen acetylene brazing torch should be durable, lightweight, easy to operate and have hoses long enough to ensure that you’re able to use it in hard to reach places.

For example, plumbers may need to contort their bodies or operate in hard to reach areas so they need hoses long enough (and strong enough) to reach around corners while still operating smoothly.

It should also be portable so that it can be used on the go at a moment’s notice for any cutting or welding job.

They should also be UL tested and certified. We’ve included a list of established brands that are suitable for consumer and/or industrial use by service professionals.

Best Portable Oxygen Acetylene Brazing Torch – Ameriflame TI350T

Ameriflame TI350 Portable Brazing Torch Kit

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This is the most portable kit on this list as it has a small, lightweight tank to facilitate movement for small, light jobs. Specifically, it has a tank capacity of 10 cf of acetylene with 20 cf of oxygen.

However, it has standard connectors so that you can connect the brazing torch to larger tanks if need be for larger jobs. It also has a few standard tips.


The hoses are durable but certainly not as long as those that come with the aforementioned welding torch models.

Similar to the Cambell Hausfeld Torch Kit, the goggles aren’t ideal and you may want to replace them. Specifically, they’re too heavy and will start to weigh on you after extended use. Then again, since the Ameriflame torch kit is not really a heavy duty kit designed for extended use, this may not be an issue.

Arc Stick Welder (Campbell Hausfeld) Torch Kit

Arc Stick Welder, 115 Volt, 70 Amp (Campbell Hausfeld WS099001AV)

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This is another established manufacturer in the tooling industry that has made another lightweight brazing torch kit that includes everything you need, except gas, to get started. It would of course be a safety hazard if brazing kits shipped with gas included. Either way, the gauges should easily connect to standard sized tanks.

It has a dual-line combination hose that is strong yet bendable for those hard to reach areas around corners.

The brazing kit has a solid design that’s easy to operate and comes with 5 different tips, a striker and goggles.


There are a couple of things that detract from the Campbell Hausfeld.  The accessories aren’t ideal unfortunately, so you may want to replace them.

The goggles may be easily scratched, which may make it harder to observe your work clearly while using the torch. Your best bet would be to invest in a welding helmet.

The striker’s design isn’t great either as noted by a few users online. It may take some getting used to in order to consistently light your torch so you may just want to get an grill lighter instead.

Lincoln Electric Port-A-Torch Kit

lincoln torch kit

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Lincoln is an established name. This is a good entry level oxygen acetylene kit as it is easy to setup, requiring only a tank fill up to get started. It comes with a DOT certified tanks so you shouldn’t have any problems getting it exchanged and filled up at a welding shop.

This portable brazing torch kit comes with everything you need: oxygen & acetylene regulators, welding tips, an oxygen tank, 12-foot hose, goggles, a flint striker and mixer.

Although it can be used to weld up to 1/16” and cut up to 1”, you can add a bigger acetylene cylinder and larger tip to expand its capabilities up to a 1/2” and 4” cuts.

A for portability, it comes with nylon shoulder straps and is very lightweight. All around, this is a great value for a tank with its features and performance that is up to the job for all but the most demanding service professionals.

Notable Mentions

Uniweld KC100P Centurion Weld/Brazing Kit

uniweld brazing torch kit

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What is a brazing torch and How does it work?

If you are starting in the field of welding with brazing torches, you may have doubts, or want to strengthen concepts. In this section you will find definitions and descriptions of torch welding.

The Torch is a tool widely used in the welding sector, which uses flame to heat the elements that are intended to be welded.

The brazing torch normally uses a mixture of gases to generate that flame and get heat constantly. Normally, torches use mixtures of air and butane gas, propane gas or other types of flammable gases. These two gases are mixed and ignited in the torch nozzle to achieve the desired flame effect.

Depending on the power and temperature of the flame, both soft, hard or autogenous welding can be performed.

Torches for combustion welding, or Autogenous welding, operate without external material input. That is, the Torch reaches temperatures high enough (1000, 2000 ° or higher) so that it is able to melt the material to be welded.

The combustion welding technique is based on melting the edges of the materials to be welded, bringing them to their welding state to join them afterwards.